Need some night?

This sexy eye bra will hook you up.

I lived most of my life without one of these things. What a waste! 

It’s shocking how often it’s light outside and I want darkness. This delivers complete abyss-level darkness without the existential dread.

Just look at those donuts! This thing doesn’t even touch your eyeballs while you toss and turn, dreaming about your newfound ability to banish the sun from your reality.

Sleep well

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It’s a hat with some light in it.

Warm = Yes

Lights = Yes

This takes some little batteries that you need to swap out once a season and BOOM – light whenever you need it.

In the colder months, the days get shorter and shorter, hence the need for more light. It’s almost like nature NEEDED this thing to exist!

Show Me The Light

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No idea what that means, but I wear these every day.

Why should slippers only be for the house?

These are slippers to wear Everywhere!

At first I was a little concerned because the bottom is very rounded, but not an issue!

They are made of wool! I have a summer pair (never too hot) just like the ones above and a winter pair (keeps me warm) that are just a bit higher to keep the snow out.

Gonna Glerup Myself

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