I live in the Midwest where it gets cold in the winter. I’m happy sitting out by the fire late into the winter, but often you need supplementary heat in order to do that comfortably.

Firepit blankets  to the rescue.

I really spent a lot of time investigating the right solution here. I felt like I needed 100% wool because we were going to be using them next to the fire where those mini fireballs like to jump out at you and burn holes in whatever gets in their way. I did buy some wool blankets, but they were quite a bit more expensive. It turns out these 80/20 blend blankets do the job perfectly at a fraction of the cost. 

Big, soft, warm, works well in wet weather, and thwarts the fireballs.

If you want to keep a bunch of them in the same place and make them easier to carry around, check out the blanket basket.

Cozy Time

(if you buy this exquisite blanket, I may get a commission from Amazon.com)

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