This laptop stand sticks to the bottom of your laptop and folds flat when you need to stow it. It holds your laptop keyboard at a much more pleasing angle to type on. It even has two angles to choose from so your fluctuating moods are accommodated. Want a comfortable angle to type away in the coffee shop? Got it! Want to raise it up even more to make your head look a little less weird on your zoom call? Got that too!

Never imagined I would want something like this and now I can’t imagine using my laptop without it. 


Yes Please

This game is great. A bit of a learning curve but lots of replay value.

You get to manage an entire ecosystem of birds! Honestly it’s way more fun than that sounds. 

Complexity Scale of Tic-Tac-Toe (1) to Dungeons and Dragons (10), I’d say its about a 6

Took us about 90 minutes for 3 players on first go. Once your group gets the hang of the gameplay, it could take an hour or less.

I love birds!

Remember sitting on your porch in Phoenix during August and saying, “I’ll bet I could cook a chicken out here!”?

Well, it turns out you can! This countertop Arizona summer can cook a perfect chicken,  french fries, crispy brussels sprouts, fried peaches – all of it. (Well, most of it, but I’ll save my air fryer stew story for another day.)

How does it work? THERMODYNAMIC MAGIC. It moves hot air around, which seals in the goodness and cooks things faster.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s waiting for you.

We have two of these so we can cook chicken and multiple veggies at the same time!

Let’s Do It!

I live in the Midwest where it gets cold in the winter. I’m happy sitting out by the fire late into the winter, but often you need supplementary heat in order to do that comfortably.

Firepit blankets  to the rescue.

I really spent a lot of time investigating the right solution here. I felt like I needed 100% wool because we were going to be using them next to the fire where those mini fireballs like to jump out at you and burn holes in whatever gets in their way. I did buy some wool blankets, but they were quite a bit more expensive. It turns out these 80/20 blend blankets do the job perfectly at a fraction of the cost. 

Big, soft, warm, works well in wet weather, and thwarts the fireballs.

If you want to keep a bunch of them in the same place and make them easier to carry around, check out the blanket basket.

Cozy Time

(if you buy this exquisite blanket, I may get a commission from

Blanket Basket

This is a sturdy woven basket.

You can put whatever you want in here. This thing would hold watermelons, dirty laundry, puppies, whatever you need. We put blankets in ours. That’s why I call it a blanket basket.

When it’s time to hang out by the fire pit, I carry this out and our beautiful fire pit blankets are right there for the grabbing.

No moving parts, no batteries just good old fashioned portable containment.

If you need some blankets to fill yours, I highly recommend these firepit blankets

Basket Me

(if you buy this, I might get a big juicy check from

Need some night?

This sexy eye bra will hook you up.

I lived most of my life without one of these things. What a waste! 

It’s shocking how often it’s light outside and I want darkness. This delivers complete abyss-level darkness without the existential dread.

Just look at those donuts! This thing doesn’t even touch your eyeballs while you toss and turn, dreaming about your newfound ability to banish the sun from your reality.

Sleep well

(If you take the plunge into sweet darkness, I might get a commission from

It’s a hat with some light in it.

Warm = Yes

Lights = Yes

This takes some little batteries that you need to swap out once a season and BOOM – light whenever you need it.

In the colder months, the days get shorter and shorter, hence the need for more light. It’s almost like nature NEEDED this thing to exist!

Show Me The Light

(If you buy this amazing hat, I might get a commission from


No idea what that means, but I wear these every day.

Why should slippers only be for the house?

These are slippers to wear Everywhere!

At first I was a little concerned because the bottom is very rounded, but not an issue!

They are made of wool! I have a summer pair (never too hot) just like the ones above and a winter pair (keeps me warm) that are just a bit higher to keep the snow out.

Gonna Glerup Myself

(If you choose comfort, I might get a commission from